My Woodcut Pieces

I'm not sure why, but I have always liked the looks of knots and woodgrain and old painted wood that has been painted over and over with drips and imperfections. It made me think of using it in my work years ago. One day I just started using my scrap wood pile as a canvas. It was immediately a hit with me. The different textures, the different size pieces, it held peoples attention as they walked by it. It then turned into me collecting salvaged wood pieces that were covered in old paint and chips and scratches. I would find an old chair out for the trash, or friends would ask if I wanted an old piece of wood trim they replaced, etc. So many colors accumulated that one day I decided to use the wood to make a picture of a house for a wedding present. It was a hit. I'm glad, because they are fun to make. Now if I could only find more salvaged wood. Ha.

Have fun. Enjoy life.

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"One man's junk pile is another man's art supplies." - Brian Phillips

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